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Need a Service Contract rolled into your payment? Figure 1 cent per page. Example: Adding a 100,000 page Service Contract to a 36 month lease would cost about $35 more per month.
(Desktops & Color is extra).

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Lease Payment Calculator

Lease Option 1.  

$1.00 Buy-Out Lease: This option is good for customer's who want to own the copier and expect a good amount of equipment life left at lease end.

Lease Option 2.  

FMV Lease: This option is good for customer's who want a lower payment & plan to return the equipment at lease end or buy at FMV. (Fair Market Value)

Note: Depending on the current market; lease rates may vary slightly.

Step 1. Enter equipment cost.

Step 2. Pick a lease term.

Step 3. See lease payment. 

Note: Don't forget to add needed options!

(i.e. Extra Trays, Finisher, Service Contract)

Service Contract? i.e. Estimate usage and multiply by 1 cent. (100k pgs x .01 = $1,000)

Note: Desktop copiers & color rates differ.