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Refilled Toner Cartridges vs. Re-Manufactured Toner Cartridges

13 Oct 2013

Remember, the supply and operation costs of your Copier, Printer or Fax can make or break you!  A great way to reduce supply costs is to purchase compatible (non OEM) toner cartridges or drum cartridges.   (Note: OEM - are original equipment manufacturer cartridges).  However, buyer beware!!   There are two kinds of "Compatible" or "Recharged" toner cartridges being sold in the industry today.  "Refilled" toner cartridges and "Re-manufactured" toner cartridges.  The following is a break down explaining the difference between the two:


OK let's start with the standard "Refilled" toner cartridge.  Yes, many companies simply drill a hole in the toner hopper, refill the toner cartridge then plug the hole.  What they are NOT doing is dumping the waste toner, replacing the worn parts or even cleaning the electrical contacts inside!  Believe it or not there are five major components that wear in most toner cartridges; the Drum, Drum Cleaning Blade, PCR, Magnetic Roller and Doctor Blade.  Cutting corners, by not replacing these key items, saves the company producing these sub-standard toner cartridges time and money.  However, they are passing this expense off to you! These "refilled" toner cartridges bring with them increased risk of leaking, poor copy quality, or complete failure (seizing up).  Hence, by only refilling the toner cartridge you simply do not get the same quality and yield a completely re-manufactured toner cartridge will produce.


"Re-Manufactured" toner cartridges receive complete inspection, waste toner is dumped, worn parts are replaced and the electrical contacts are cleaned and lubed.  It comes down to this, if you are looking for the same quality and yield as a new OEM toner cartridge AND want to save on supply costs, please make sure you purchase completely "re-manufactured" toner cartridges.


This is where we come in.  Our company The Copy Man sells both new OEM and RE-MANUFACTURED (i.e. compatible) toner cartridges and drum cartridges.  This means they are inspected, disassembled and cleaned, waste toner emptied and all moving parts are replaced. 


CASE HISTORY/EXAMPLE:  You wouldn't believe how many new customers we've picked up over the years after a refilled toner cartridge purchased online at a "Too good to be true" price blew up or seized up in their machine.  This happens when the waste toner has not been emptied from previous use.  Therefore, more waste toner builds up with nowhere to go and this leads to one thing...BOOM!  Or as we like to put it...  "Toner City" inside your copier, printer or fax machine!  This can create short or long term damage to your equipment.  Short term:  A seized toner cartridge can cause drive damage i.e. broken gears, motors, etc. Long term:  Toner is conductive.  Like water, it conducts electricity causing possible board failure and ongoing intermittent electrical issues.


Our compatible, "re-manufactured" toner cartridges produce the same quality and yield as OEM and are 40 - 60% less than the Superstores.  Additionally, our compatible toner cartridges come with a 90 day warranty!  Most superstores only guarantee their toners up to 30 days, even OEM!


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27 Nov 2014

The Copy Man proudly announces our new Lansing, MI location! Here at The Copy Man in Waterford, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan we service ALL BRANDS of copiers, printers and fax machines On Site! Copy Machine Sales, Service, and Leasing in Lansing, Michigan and beyond. We service the following counties: Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Ingham, Shiawassee, Clinton & Eaton County Michigan.

We've been established in Oakland County for 16 years and now we have a new Lansing, MI location to provide service to Ingham, Shiawassee, Clinton and Eaton counties too!

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